Background information Italcementi, the Italian multinational which produces cement and other construction components, was first founded in 1864, only three years after the creation of the Kingdom of Italy. But the man who elevated the ranking of the group to the elite of Corporate Italy was

Goldman Sachs

Background information As some in the US see Goldman Sachs as acting as a springboard for banking executives with top political ambitions, in Italy it’s the other way round: from politics to banking. In Goldman, of course. From powerful cabinet secretary of Berlusconi Gianni Letta,

Intesa Sanpaolo

Background information Intesa Sanpaolo is the outcome of a revolution which was also a compromise between the secular and the catholic culture in the Italian banking industry. It is deeply rooted in the heirs of the catholic credit tradition, Banco Ambrosiano Veneto, and the most secular and most international