Salini Impregilo

Background information The Impregilo group is the result of the merger of four historical Italian companies operating in the sectors of construction and engineering. The acronym “Impre-gi-lo” comes from the “GILT pact” (Girola, Impresit, Lodigiani, Torno), formed in 1955 for

Goldman Sachs

Background information As some in the US see Goldman Sachs as acting as a springboard for banking executives with top political ambitions, in Italy it’s the other way round: from politics to banking. In Goldman, of course. From powerful cabinet secretary of Berlusconi Gianni Letta,


Background information In 1872 Giovanni Battista Pirelli, a 24 year old engineer, created in Milan after his name the Italian rubber maker which would have become a global tire brand: Pirelli & C, the first ever Italian company to