Confindustria: Lobbies as an institution

Background information Confindustria, the association of Italy’s employers, is a prototype of Italy’s complex and highly institutionalized lobbying system whose roots date back to the pre-WWII era and which includes retailers associations Confcommercio and Conferesercenti, artisans’ Confartigianato and CNA, farmers’ Coldiretti and Confagricoltura, banks’ Abi and insurer companies’ Ania among others

Large conglomerates from abroad

Background information Large multinationals from abroad are a veritable resource for Italy: according to recent data they employ more than one million people and generate cumulative annual sales of some half a trillion euros, while capital investments from

Investigation on Finmeccanica

In October 2012, Naples prosecutors launched an investigation into the group for a “troubling use by Finmeccanica and its associates of corruptive practices for the acquisition of commissions from foreign governments.” The inquiry was in regard to the furnishing of