Trade Unions

Background information The largest Italian trade union, CGIL, originated in 1944 as the continuation of the pre-existing CGdL (Confederazione Generale del Lavoro); the UIL, the smallest of the three main trade unions, with a secular, democratic, and socialist background, came into being on March 5, 1950; the CISL, the second-largest by number of registered members…

Confindustria: Lobbies as an institution

Background information Confindustria, the association of Italy’s employers, is a prototype of Italy’s complex and highly institutionalized lobbying system whose roots date back to the pre-WWII era and which includes retailers associations Confcommercio and Conferesercenti, artisans’ Confartigianato and CNA, farmers’ Coldiretti and Confagricoltura, banks’ Abi and insurer companies’ Ania among others